Triangle Tutors provides one-on-one relational tutoring to their students in Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilmington, North Carolina.  They are passionate about making a positive impact on their students both academically and personally.  Triangle Tutors believes in the quote, “They do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Their tutors make a genuine effort to take interest in their students because they know they have to “win the right to be heard”.  Once a student realizes their tutor cares for them, the student becomes more open to working hard during sessions, studying to make good grades, and desiring to do well in class.  Relational tutoring is what sets Triangle Tutors apart from other tutoring companies.

Triangle Tutors’ tutors are energetic, compassionate, creative individuals who are ready to encourage students to maximize their academic potential.  Most of their tutors are certified teachers who are currently teaching or have previous teaching experience.  Each tutor has had an extensive interview, completed a background check,   shared references, and have been trained in the Triangle Tutors tutoring model.  Triangle Tutors have fully equipped their tutors to help students reach their academic potential.

Triangle Tutors began in 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina by Amanda & Jonathan Stephens.  Amanda, a former high school Spanish teacher, has 7 years of classroom experience in both public and private schools and 5 years of private tutoring.  She stepped away from the classroom in 2008 when her first child was born to stay home with her family.  Her passion for education did not subside and she began actively tutoring Spanish to high school students within the Triangle. Amanda and her husband, Jonathan, founded Simply Spanish in 2008 as a Spanish tutoring service.  Her unique one on one teaching style led to significant improvement and a drastic increase in the confidence of her students. Ultimately, her students performance within the classroom was greatly enhanced.  Amanda has a unique ability to not only provide her students with the material to thrive in class but also has a passion to develop relationships with students and their families. This approach, we call Relational Tutoring, has set her apart from any other tutoring business in the Triangle.

After a successful beginning with Simply Spanish and an overwhelming desire to meet all of the academic needs of her students, Jonathan and Amanda started Triangle Tutors in January of 2010. Their mission is to partner with parents and teachers to thoroughly equip their students with all of the academic subjects they need in order to maximize their academic potential.  Triangle Tutors now offers tutoring in all subjects and academic levels.  Their tutors are highly qualified individuals who have a passion for teaching students.

Triangle Tutors expanded into both Greenville and Wilmington, NC in 2012.  Megan Boltes and Annie Adams are the new areas Tutor Directors.  Both have previous teaching experience and a continued passion to work with students.  Both Megan and Annie are good friends of Jonathan and Amanda.  They are honored to have them reaching students across North Carolina and expanding the vision of relational tutoring with Triangle Tutors.

Before your student takes their next test, contact Triangle Tutors. We want to be your exclusive resource for all of your son/daughter’s academic needs. We look forward to being your trusted partner in the education of your child!