Our favorite part of what we do is when we get parents and students telling us “thank you.” The following are a list of some of our favorites:

My son was tutored last year for Spanish 3.  This year he took level 4 National Spanish Exam and came third in the NC state. I know that his tutor’s patience with him along with the well planned instructions and constant reinforcement of grammar rules played a major role in his success. He is enjoying learning Spanish and has decided to take Spanish AP next year.



- Rashmi Sharma, parent

My tutor helped me pass Spanish II!  I went from having an F first semester, a C second semester, and a B on my final exam!  I didn’t understand how my teacher explained things until my tutor taught them in a different way.  With her help, I graduated high school and am heading to college in the Fall.

- Nicolette, former student

My son is not only surviving Spanish II, thanks to Amanda’s help, but is doing better than I hoped he would! Her flexibility and willingness to schedule special sessions for exams has made all the difference in the world!

- Susan Daley, parent

Spanish has been hard for me because I have always been a visual learner so many times in Spanish hearing things over and over again never really clicked in my head. Mrs. Stephens, though, laid out charts to help me understand how to translate and encouraged me to make flashcards to help memorize vocabulary words.

- Katie Worley, former student

One of Amanda Stephens’ greatest strengths is her warm and friendly personality; her cheerful attitude that she brings to the classroom creates such a wonderful and easy learning environment.

- Nick Banister, former student

Amanda Stephens definitely has a talent for teaching Spanish. She has been without a doubt one of my most influential teachers. Not only has she taught me the language, but she did it in a fun way that has sparked my love for Spanish. She always comes up with the most creative ways for her students to learn, so that tenses and vocabulary are easy to remember and hard to forget.

- Bethany Benson, former student

Our daughter was scared to death of Spanish II, but you have given her the confidence and the tools she needed to succeed. Your enthusiasm has been infectious!

- Robin Friedman, parent

Our son has been struggling with Spanish I all year. He needs to have at least three years of Spanish to get into the school of his choice. We decided to take action and get him the individual help he just wasn’t receiving at school. Triangle Tutors was recommended to us and we finally gave them a shot. We were amazed at the significant improvement our son made after just a few sessions. His confidence has soared and so has his performance!

- Mike Ferguson